Piano advice: How to avoid “bad” Music intertia

Piano advice: How to avoid “bad” Music inertia

Piano advice: How to avoid “bad” Music inertia

Maestro Juan Rezzuto shares, through WKMT, with us a method which can help us to avoid “bad” music inertia. Everyone has experience at some point the need of starting passages from the beginning or even the entire piece from the beginning in order to be able to play it properly….

Being able to access a piece from any point we need lays in the core of our performance skills. But, How can we master the ability to do such a thing? The memory of the name of the notes, that is the single most important memory we need to reinforce. We can group the six memories into two groups: one,  the ones that help the flow and performance speed and two, the ones that give us full control of dynamics and tone. The memory of the names of the notes certainly helps us in this second department.

Why is this memory so rarely used?

Mainly because it requires a big deal of dedication and it certainly needs great focusing. It is tiring to train it but it brings many benefits with it. We are more used to speaking than doing, maybe, anything else. Due to the latter, learning the names of the names and the rhythm in which they occur in the piece is the easiest way to control the flow proactively.

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