• The shape of Debussy’s Clair de Lune

    The shape of Debussy’s Clair de Lune

    Many of my piano students love Debussy, but to be honest, it is not the first choice for many piano tutors; mainly because his music adds a component of resonance into his realm, and that layer, as it is not apparent on the paper, it is challenging to grasp and to teach, […]

  • The unique music and life of Satie

    The unique music and life of Satie

    Among piano students, the most renowned composers that people choose to play in concerts, auditions, exams or just for pleasure are Frederic Chopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, or the most advanced or piano tutors that already have certain pianistic level; we have Franz Liszt to show off the skills of […]

  • Christmas Songs for Piano

    Christmas Songs for Piano

    Click in the link below to access to the full article and free Christmas songs’ scores:



    Every year happens the same thing, Christmas comes, and we start to feel the “Christmasy” feeling all around us. Why? Well, if you step outside your home, I am pretty sure you will start listening to all […]

  • The Story Before the Piano

    The Story Before the Piano



    Most probably, you are one of the many piano students who seek to know everything about the instrument you spent so much time with, playing pieces, practicing your scales, improvising or even composing new music.

    The story of the Piano takes many centuries, even we can say dates from almost one […]

  • Tempo and Dynamic Markings: A useful guide for piano tutors

    Tempo and Dynamic Markings: A useful guide for piano tutors

    Guide on Tempo Markings

    Guide on Dynamics


    All piano students have come to the same issue in their training: at some point in their piano lessons, they encounter strange notations that are not just the notes or the values learned at the beginning of their practice: mf, ff, words like […]

  • The principles of Renaissance Music

    The principles of Renaissance Music.


    I am quite sure that as piano students, you certainly know who Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn or Liszt were. Their music reached the highest artistic peak and inspired musicians and piano teachers throughout the world to make this music carry on living through concerts and performances along the years. 

    All these composers have […]

  • Online Music Events are a must

    Covid-19 became such a pain for everyone nowadays. Workers, businesses, music venues, restaurants, the economy in general, have been hit hard. The last months have been a challenge for us all. Nations united with one common purpose: fight against the spread of this virus. Whether the deathly rate or the real importance of this virus, […]

  • Our members in action with a Haydn Concerto

    Breaking News!

    How are you all keeping up with this massive lockdown? Are you working from home, doing online lessons, or on the contrary you are keeping yourself busy studying piano?

    During these difficult times, it is good to take advantage and keep ourselves doing what we never have time to do: practicing properly.

    We spend our days […]

  • How to get the perfect balance between teaching and performing piano

    The professional piano teacher: The balance between performance and education
    As artists, we began our life like everybody else, with piano tuition, learning from piano teachers. We are only involved in the role of piano students. The hope is to become a concert pianist one day and offer the world our performances, sharing the music that […]

  • The Scaramuzza technique: a fresher perspective

    WKMT Tutor’s experience in learning the Scaramuzza technique

    One of the most difficult challenges…
    For every musician is to change their technique once they have acquired certain mastery on the instrument. The challenges are many and they appear from many aspects of the playing, but the most demanding at the beginning is the one that has to […]