A proper guide for piano teachers

A proper guide for piano teachers.

A proper guide for piano teachers.

Pianist AID sharing the latest article written by Gisela Paterno for WKMT. They introduce the new course for absolute beginners designed by our lovely colleague, Gisela, for all those piano beginners willing to start piano lessons within a procedure to follow in an easy and understandable way.

The course, created with a structure with theory, practical and exercises, will allow the students go from scratch to Grade 1 level of piano, in a series of lessons. Obviously, you will be led by the teacher during your lessons, and you will have the choice to access your account and follow up with the exercises and practise.

A revolutionary way to learn piano within a piano studio. WKMT the first piano studio in London introducing their own piano method. Created and followed by professional and experienced musicians and teachers.

Read the full article on the link below and get in touch with it. We hope you fall in love with the idea.

New course for piano beginners – WKMT

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