Why practising piano

why practising piano.

Why practising piano.

Understand how important practising piano on your own is.


Christian Dawson wrote an article for WKMT Blog talking about the importance of the piano practice and why we should practise on our own. He also gives some great tips on how to practise effectively, because as we already said and advised in previous posts, the practice of the piano is such a very important tool to understand, physically and psychologically, what we learn during the lessons.

You can read an extract of it although you will find it on the link aforementioned. Also, you can check related articles about practising the piano to what we really recommend to our London piano students for a good understanding of the piano learning.

“You shouldn’t be nervous or anxious about any part of your piece or programme. Instead, you should feel excited to communicate the piece to your audience.  If you don’t, you haven’t learnt it well enough.  I regret not realising this for the majority of the years I was a student. Here’s what to do to make sure you don’t fall into this trap:

  1. Understand the background and history of the composer and piece before you begin to learn the notes.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the layout of the music; where is the climax of the piece, and how do you know?  Start to think about how you will interpret the performance directions and the technical challenges that will go with them.  Listen to recordings to start to connect with the music, but remember, they are for inspiration to help you develop your own” […]



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