Piano Masterclasses at WKMT

Piano Masterclasses at WKMT.

Piano Masterclasses at WKMT.

A new piano masterclass organised for the young students at wkmt.


After the success of our last Children Masterclass 1.11.2017, Cristina Guerra and the team decided to make a series of Masterclasses as a way to challenge our children piano students. It is also a great opportunity for our young children to relate to each other. Piano lessons and piano training, in general, are quite lonely. It is a paradox how music, the most social of arts, can require so much ostracism for its preparation. Music is a social art and can only thrive if we share it.

The lesson is structured to last 2 hours. The children will:

1. Work on scales

2. Work on rhythm

3. Rehearse the pieces they are studying. Get confidence enough for the VII Edition of WKMT Music Festival this May 12th.

4. Get general advise

5. Have fun!

Pianist AID supporting WKMT and its Masterclasses opportunities either for its teachers and musicians and for its students. That way, they create a full immersion into the musical atmosphere and community for all piano students and experience the full world of classical music.

Read the full article on the link aforementioned and do not hesitate to ask WKMT for your assistance in future Masterclasses.

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