What piano gesture means

what piano gesture means.

What piano gesture means.

Learn the musical gesture with wkmt.


Here we bring a new article talking about something you all might already know: Musical Gesture. Mark Dowling, a senior piano teacher London at WKMT studio, wrote this great article to talk about the gesture and unify it to the piano performing.

What do we mean when we talk about gesture? well, Mark Dowling posted a formal description in his article as it follows:

What is a gesture? Oxford living dictionary defines it as a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning (Oxford. 2018).

And how do we transfer that meaning to the music, and most important, to the piano performance? For that reason, the author takes us to the description of the two types of gesture:

  • Internal Gesture: The gesture inherited in the piece. The signature or unique expression of the composer.
  • External Gesture: The gesture coming out from our brain when performing the piece. Our unique signature as a response to the piece and what it makes us feel.

In the article aforementioned (link) you will find the extended explanation of this two concepts.

The author makes reference to a few very good sentences good to know. There is a special one which expresses the entire idea of gesture in music and art. The famous Soviet Union ballerina, Maya Plisetskaya: I am convinced that it was not the word that came first but a gesture. A gesture is understood by everyone… you need nothing else, no words.

At this point, as pianists, we can imagine what that all mean. We all have our own gestures when performing any piece, as well as we know how to interpret all the signs and gestures descended from the piece, what the composer wanted to show off. The gesture means all, it might be inspiring as well as it might be inspired. If we go further, there are plenty of studies trying to demonstrate how the gesture can work as an inspiration to create music. Not only the idea that the gesture is a response to the music.

Read it fully in the link aforementioned and make your own conclusions about it. We hope you enjoy it and see your own gestures from now on.



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