WKMT’s prodigious performances

WKMT’s prodigious performances.

WKMT’s prodigious performances.

some future pianists in London.


Juan Rezzuto can’t feel more proud of his students and WKMT piano students than actually, he does right now. After the success of our last edition of Piano Festivals by WKMT London, Pianist AID now has all the performances recorded. And that is exactly what made them proud the most. Seeing the passion and emotion of the pieces played by each of them throughout their commitment and strength on the piano.

All of them, different in ages, levels, and backgrounds, however, the same spirit and emotion when they are in front of the piano. As soon as I received the videos from this last edition, the words came out from my mouth onto the paper. And that’s why I felt in need of writing about it.

My last article; an article in which I thank profusely to all the students who made the effort to skip their fears and jump on the stage, as well as to all the guests who were listening entirely dedicated to the eighty performance happening in front of them. I can see the progress, the improvements and the personal evolution of all of them. It has been a Festival which I am really proud of, as I could see a very good and rapid improvement in all of the students. So my article is aimed to be thanks to all of them who made this possible and to highlight some of the most emotional and powerful performances from the day.

Two of my students, Mark Yeo and Anya Kirby, truly committed with the piano, with a different background, but with the same projection as the piano. Two of my students I am very happy to teach them and to encourage them. Now you can see them performing again Rachmaninoff and Chopin pieces respectively. Well done guys!

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