Improving Your Piano Practice

Improving your piano practice.

Improving your piano practice.



Do you like to do piano scales? We know that is something that can become tedious and boring, however, it is truly important. What is the usual way you train the scales with? Do you have your own method?

WKMT London brings a new article to the blog. Thanks to Mark Dowling, one of our pianists in London and instructor at WKMT that wrote such a useful and helpful article talking about the piano scales.

As we already said in previous articles, the practice makes the perfection, and this is quite well applied to all of us as pianists. Our success is based on the consistency and continuous practice. It is never enough. Sometimes it becomes tedious, although we have to do it over and over again until we get it perfect. As long as we need to keep on practising, it would be very convenient if we have the right tools and ways to do it. That’s why we recommend a read to this article in which you will find the different common methods effective to practice your scales, as well as helpful tips.

Repetition, Visualisation and Kinaesthetic are these three common methods and the most effective. Most probably used by the most of the pianists and students, however, it would be good to see the differences and dynamics of each.

Do not miss this great article to find out all about the scales. Its importance, the benefits, the common methods and some more tips. Go to the link aforementioned and start improving your piano practice throughout the scales. Stay in touch with Pianist AID for more articles like this as well as more events in London promoted by us and WKMT Piano studios.

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