Classical concert at WKMT 2020

Classical concert at WKMT 2020

Haydn & Mozart concert in London

Hello pianists, musicians and readers, we come back with breaking news!

This concert has been suspended by the organisation. Following the procedures to contain the COVID-19 in Italy, Spain and France, they decided to cooperate in the same way and postpone this concert.

We will keep you all updated about the next date for this beautiful concert in London.

Looking forward to it!


We welcome the new year with a new classical concert in March. We are now organising with WKMT Studios all the programmes for the concerts for this year in London. Below you will find the details for what it will be the first concert of 2020.

For this special occasion, we will offer the Piano Concerto in F-major, H.XVIII:7 composed by the renowned Joseph Haydn, inventor of the Sonata Form and the Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat major, K. 207 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The solo Violin will be in charge of the lead violinist, Paola Delucchi, who will perform along Maestro Juan Rezzuto at the piano.

These concerts are part of a long-term project by the hand of the concert pianist and Director of WKMT, Juan Rezzuto, whose ambition is to perform all Haydn Keyboard Concertos. In this opportunity, he will perform together with the WKMT String Ensemble one of the least known ones, as it is one of the "obscure" ones. The main reason is that is the only one that the second movement was not autographed by Haydn (although we do know that he composed it) of the work extant, and the concerto first appeared in London as published by Gardom in 1772. Another curious fact about this Concerto is that it does not include a Viola part, making this setting quite unusual. 

Both concerts are a tremendous opportunity for all our piano students to have a deeper perspective of how the Scaramuzza technique works in concert pieces and to complement the instruction received by our piano tutors at WKMT studio, who impart this technique upon the guidance of the Director who learned it from one of the pupils of Scaramuzza himself, Bruno Gelber.

Without a doubt, this Concert will be a gorgeous one to begin the year in the enchanting company of the two unparalleled composers of the Classical period. Hope you enjoy and we are looking forward to seeing you all on March the 28th 2020 in St. Cuthbert's Church, Earl's Court from 18.30 hours to share this wonderful experience!

Pianist AID proudly sponsors this concert in London.

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