• 10 Aug 2017

    Our teacher’s life in London

    how life of a piano teacher in london can be very busy.

    Sabrina Curpanen, our Senior and beloved piano teacher, talks about her summer experience in London. What looked to be quiet due to the expected holidays, turned into the busiest period, as a teacher, student and performer.

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  • 09 Aug 2017

    Analysis Haydn Sonata F Band 1

    Analysis Haydn Sonata F band 1
    Analysis Haydn Sonata F Band 1 РThis is a very useful piece of information for anyone looking for compositional and interpretative orientation on this unusual sonata. This piece is elegant, simple and effective. Its third movement with its characteristic motive is both effective and memorable.

    This Sonata proposes a big interpretative challenge for pianists. It is quite difficult to find a good balance between profuse ornamentation and steady pulse.

    The series of analysis published by WKMT and Juan Rezzuto might give us, pianists, a hand to organise the interpretation of this unusual piece.

    Pianistaid.com suggests the reading of the following article http://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/single-post/2017/08/09/Haydn-Sonata-in-F-Hob-XVIF3-Bozner


  • 01 Aug 2017

    Eating piano scores by J. Rezzuto

    Maestro Juan J. Rezzuto is the person behind this such an interesting article. He explains how he feels nowadays musically speaking, and being an example of how musicians can feel too.

    He defines it as Musical Abstinence and his solution: Eating piano scores.

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