Exploring Celtic music

exploring Celtic music.

Exploring Celtic music.



What is Celtic music? Is the current “Celtic” music the same as it was on its origins? How to recognise it?

Dominik Brenda, our piano and singing teacher in the studio, and very familiarised with the music industry and its evolution, has written this article for WKMT Blog. In which he talks about the Celtic music, its history and its evolution at the time. Because nowadays, there are plenty of bands playing “Celtic” music but is that the real one? Something that we all might believe but actually is not.

Pianist AID has been created for pianists and over that, for musicians. We love the music in its real essence and what makes us all feel, that’s why we think musical articles might be your interest.

Read it fully on the link above and do not hesitate to listen to the real Celtic music.

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