How to practice piano effectively

how to practice piano effectively.

How to practice piano effectively.

learn some essential piano practice tips with wkmt.

Pianist AID brings, what we consider, such a helpful article for all those starting with the piano. The most important way to well understand and learn the piano is the practice. A good practice makes it all, it makes the difference. That’s why we would like to share with you all the last article published at WKMT Blog by our colleague Katarina Makevic. A senior piano teacher at the studio and performer for Pianist AID.

She gives some tips on how to well practise on the piano. She shares both, her experience as a teacher and her knowledge from when she was a student. Have it a look at the link above. We hope it helps all those struggling with the practice.

We take the chance to present her next performance for Pianist AID and organised by WKMT Classical concerts. Taking place on the 24th February this year at our usual venue, St. Cuthbert’s church. She takes part of Pianist AID subscribers and pianists.


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