PianistAid – A tip on compound themes

PianistAid – A tip on compound themes

PianistAid – A tip on compound themes

Summary / Guide Ch. 5 William Caplin, “Musical Forms” 

Understanding music morphology can help dramatically our score memorization process. Unfortunately, music forms can prove to be unpredictable or at least very difficult to label.

William Caplin might be the world’s most renowned music analyst. In his book, Music Forms, he attempts to identify, define and label every possible syntaxis we can find in XVIII classical music. This work provides the student with the most wonderful assortment of technical concepts needed to clearly understand the shape of a classical piano sonata.

This work is our choice for backup analysis material, mainly due to the fact that it clearly assesses every possible syntactic case. In a way, it is similar to what the Scaramuzza technique does for piano technique.

In this last summary released by WKMT, you will find a guide on how to read Chapter 5 of this fantastic book.

We strongly recommend adult piano students, in particular, to pay attention to this work.


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