Piano Festival Mock

Piano Festival Mock by wkmt.

Piano Festival Mock.



Today, we are happy to release the new event WKMT has organised for the little piano students. Does not matter if you are a member or you are not. WKMT Music Festivals are for all those piano students willing to have a performing opportunity in London with a prestigious piano studio.

We already informed about the VII Festival in the previous post. But in this case, we recommend a previous mock performance with WKMT organised for the next 28th April at 4 pm at its usual venue St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London. A reunion with all the children who previously applied for the Music Festival to participate in. The programme includes two hour-long activities, in which the teachers will perform a demonstration of a short concert, followed by the performances of the applicants while getting pieces of advice and tips from our Maestro Cristina Guerra, leading the Masterclass. There will be also some time in which they will play some music and group games. A fully musical experience worth to be part of.

The perfect opportunity to gather with more children piano enthusiastic, as well as to be part of a great performing scene in London. That is something quite essential for all piano students to be fully immersed in this kind of activities.

Do check all WKMT next activities in London, and join them to make your kids fully aware and conscious of the importance of taking part of the musical scene. You can find all the details, info and events in the link aforementioned. The same to book your tickets or ask its professionals any questions you might need.

Do not hesitate to call to 02071014479 or visit Children Piano Masterclass.



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