Scaramuzza essentials: Rotation Movement

Scaramuzza essentials: rotation movement.

Scaramuzza essentials: rotation movement.

A new challenging movement analysed by Juan Rezzuto.


Rotation Movement – Scaramuzza technique

We are back with Juan Rezzuto and his series of articles about the famous Scaramuzza Technique. We know, it comes faster than usual, and we thank Maestro Rezzuto for his efforts on helping us publishing this interesting series. Thanks to the recent Piano Masterclass held at WKMT Kensington piano studio where the previous Wrist movement and new concepts and uses came up. Such as the one we will see today with this new article: Rotation Movement.

We must confess that after all the masterclasses we had with Maestro Rezzuto, this one was so far the hardest one. This movement, in our opinion, is the most difficult one within the five movements previously explained. The first reason is about the main muscles used to make this movement: Supinator and Pronator, however, some more muscles are also included to help these two to make the movement, so basically is a movement made by a few different muscles, collaborating all together at once. The second reason is that it is a movement within two other movements already seen. So basically, this movement also involves the finger and forearm movement.

It is a movement that means control for keeping the position over the pivot finger and transfer the kinetic energy to the focal finger to play the note needed. Bearing in mind that all the weight will be supported by the pivot finger. So, summarising the idea, we should think that the position of the hand is kept by a bar between the pivot finger and the focal finger, what Juan Rezzuto calls “imaginary finger” between these two making the extension of the palm possible.

When should we use this movement? Well, as per Rezzuto’s indications, we usually apply it for Alberti basses as well as for tremolo passages. Obviously, it can be used for certain jumps on the keyboard and attacking certain notes far from each other.

Do not miss this new movement by clicking on the link aforementioned and see also his video with the physical movement made by himself to show us.

We hope you can manage to perform it, and of course, do not hesitate to comment us your thoughts.


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