Reading Music Technique for children

Reading Music Technique for children.


Reading Music Technique for children.



Learning How to Read Sheet Music

Pianist AID Blog is back with a new article, obviously about piano and training. Mark Dowling, piano instructor and Member of WKMT London, has recently a helpful article for the blog. We just thought it would be convenient to post it on ours too as it comes handy and useful within any piano training for kids.

This article explains a very powerful as well as an easy technique for kids to be trained towards Sight-reading. Why? Well, sight-reading is such an important skill in piano training. We all have been trained in piano and found (many of us) sight-reading the most tedious part of the learning cycle. Some students have a natural way of reading sheet music, that even don’t need a training about it. However, some of the students need to find an easier way or technique to fully understand the importance and process of getting through successfully. For that reason, WKMT Teachers are hardly committed to making articles like this to help all its students and our followers to know more about every single step in a well-built piano training.

With this article, Mark goes through the two different clefs, some history and importance, as well as a very “fun” technique for children to learn to read sheet music. We strongly believe that every single student should be trained towards reading music properly. It is common to learn to play the piano with no sight-reading training, however, knowing how to read music makes such a huge difference for any student/performer.

Click on the link aforementioned and access to the full article. Start helping your kids learning how to read music to progress throughout the piano training.

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