Our Members’ next London performance

J. HaydnPiano concerto in G Hob XVIII: 4 by Maestro J. Rezzuto

At Pianist AID we all are proud of being able to release the next date of our next performance in London. This time, we repeat performers and organisers.

WKMT London Piano Studio as the organisers, the Argentinian Juan Rezzuto as soloist and WKMT Ensemble doing the orchestral part.

The venue, the same like always for our concerts, St Cuthbert’s church, 50 Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court, London

The date and time, March 30th 2019 from 6.30pm.

The programme: The concert is based around the famous piano concerto in G Hob XVIII:4 written by Joseph Haydn. Juan Rezzuto will delight us with such a great version of this beautiful piano concerto ever written by the genius. If you didn’t know about this great pianist, he is entirely committed to performing either Haydn sonatas and concertos, as well as analyse them all. Such a tedious work, that he actually loves and gives him a sense as a pianist in life. That makes that he profusely knows the pieces and the real meaning Haydn intended to provide with. That’s why Haydn sounds super played by the hands of Maestro Rezzuto. Added to that, he will compose the cadenzas of the concert, so he will be playing his own cadenzas especially written by himself for this concert date.

All that, it makes such a special concert we shouldn’t miss out.

Within the programme, we also have the pleasure of hosting the WKMT Children Orchestra. We managed to include this in the programme as a little treat right after the main concert. The little ones will have their opportunity of shining on the stage while playing different orchestral pieces.

In case you would like to join us on this special date, do not hesitate to contact us, or call to WKMT by calling on 02071014479 or emailing [email protected]. They will help and guide you for your tickets and more info you might need to know. Hopefully, we will meet all on the 30th.

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