Our members in action with a Haydn Concerto

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How are you all keeping up with this massive lockdown? Are you working from home, doing online lessons, or on the contrary you are keeping yourself busy studying piano?

During these difficult times, it is good to take advantage and keep ourselves doing what we never have time to do: practicing properly.

We spend our days working, busy with projects, students and commitments, and we struggle to find a proper portion of time to dedicate ourselves to what we love. We end up just moving our fingers and rehearsing pieces we already know, or barely studying new pieces. However, we do not have time enough on the day to properly go through new pieces, and rehearse new scores. Also, we find hard to get time enough to meet other musicians to talk about music, or simple rehearse or prepare music programmes for concerts together.

Little by little, we find ourselves far from being proper musicians. Life nowadays became harder, more competitors, more expenses. That took us to work on a more extended interval of time per day, which means less time for us and our passion: music and piano.

These times, even being bad for the society, health, jobs, and overall the future this is going to leave us, we need to be stronger than ever, reformulate our ways of working, and also see the good things this could bring us all. In this case, as musicians, we need to find this as an opportunity for us to develop our skills, and prepare that concert we always wanted to prepare and could never do so.

Who knows, maybe once all this situation gets sorted, and we can get back to normal, you can apply for any school or orchestra and play that concert.

Juan Rezzuto and our members know it well, and they put their hands to work. They are now preparing the famous Haydn piano concerto in F. A jewel of classical music. Juan Rezzuto as soloist, accompanied by some of our members playing their second instrument, either violin, cello and bass.

The concert is expected to happen on the 3rd of October 2020 in London, more details here. However, given the circunstancies, we never know. Hopefully, all this will be sorted by then, and we can all celebrate music and passion in this concert, and with you all.


Keep well, and especially, keep on practicing on the piano!


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