• 18 Dec 2019

    Classical concert at WKMT 2020

    Classical concert at WKMT 2020Haydn & Mozart concert in LondonHello pianists, musicians and readers, we come back with breaking news!This concert has been suspended by the organisation. Following the procedures to contain the COVID-19 in Italy, Spain and France, they decided to cooperate in the same way and postpone this concert.We will keep you all updated about the next date for this beautiful concert in London.Looking forward to it!—-We welcome the new year with a new classical concert in March. We are now organising with WKMT Studios all the programmes for the concerts for this year in London. Below you will find the details for what it will be the first concert of 2020.For this special occasion, we will offer the Piano Concerto in F-major, H.XVIII:7 composed by the renowned Joseph Haydn, inventor of the Sonata Form and the Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-flat major, K. 207 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The solo Violin will be in charge of the lead violinist, Paola Delucchi, who will perform along Maestro Juan Rezzuto at the piano.These concerts are part of a long-term project by the hand of the concert pianist and Director of WKMT, Juan Rezzuto, whose ambition is to perform all Haydn Keyboard Concertos. In this opportunity, he will perform together with the WKMT String Ensemble one of the least known ones, as it is one of the “obscure” ones. The main reason is that is the only one that the second movement was not autographed by Haydn (although we do know that he composed it) of the work extant, and the concerto first appeared in London as published by Gardom in 1772. Another curious fact about this Concerto is that it does not include a Viola part, making this setting quite unusual. Both concerts are a tremendous opportunity for all our piano students to have a deeper perspective of how the Scaramuzza technique works in concert pieces and to complement the instruction received by our piano tutors at WKMT studio, who impart this technique upon the guidance of the Director who learned it from one of the pupils of Scaramuzza himself, Bruno Gelber.Without a doubt, this Concert will be a gorgeous one to begin the year in the enchanting company of the two unparalleled composers of the Classical period. Hope you enjoy and we are looking forward to seeing you all on March the 28th 2020 in St. Cuthbert’s Church, Earl’s Court from […]

  • 04 Dec 2019

    Learning quality music lessons with WKMT

    Learning quality music lessons with WKMTFoundations and ABRSM: Piano lessons for students preparing examsIf any studio has the capacity and experience to deliver quality piano lessons in London, that is definitely meant to be for WKMT.Our founder, Juan Rezzuto, founded Pianist AID once his music studio was completely created and operational, that way he could use all his strength to raise our platform and help other pianists, musicians and teachers with different opportunities in London. Either performing and/or teaching. Helping us make a portfolio of performances, as well as use professional advice for every single musician that might need help or integrate in London.For that reason, we do recommend this new post to everyone who would love to learn more about the common music exams in London, and learn a proper learning method succesful by WKMT after ten years of experience with plenty of students of all levels and ages, and requirements and skills.Obviously, like in any other subject, the students might react and progress in many different ways. There is not any exact way applied to everyone, and the same results obtained. For that reason, the most prepared and standarised a program is the easier to be applied to everyone gets. So that is the main expectation of this article, create a way for everyone to easily understand the process in the most accurate way possible.Summarising the article, the first step would be setting up the goal. And the main goal is helping them create a habit, a motivation, a discipline on the piano. Make them enjoy the process of learning piano. Starting with a proper piano technique (Scaramuzza’s as recommended by Juan). For this step, they have designed an online platform, a piano beginner’s course, in easy to-complete steps, analysing the main points, performance-oriented.After that, once that part of the programme has been completed, is time to selecta piece. That way we start applying what we learnt over that piece. For that reason, the first step would be the most important, and this is the main point for Juan Rezzuto, to build proper pilars, foundations, in order to provide the students with the rght skills to take and progress with whatever they do later on with the piano.For all this and much more information about it, we leave the Maestro to explain through is recently written article. You can click on the link aforementioned and start learning the […]

  • 28 Oct 2019

    Our Members’ students performing in London

    Our Members’ students performing in London
    London Music Festival by WKMT

    Pianist AID releases the new date of the famous piano festivals in London organised the WKMT London piano studio.
    On the 23rd of November 2019, from 4:00 pm in St Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court. Save the date!
    This time, the festival edition X will be a bit different compared to the previous ones. This X Edition will be only for selected students. The studio will select around thirty profiles, from all levels and ages, with different pieces, to show us what they are capable of. That’s also why this time will be shorter too, from 4:00 to 9:30 pm. Children and adults passing along performing pieces with their best skills.

    The whole process, like always, will be professionally recorded by our Sound Engineer Thomas Rickerby, and our Filming and video in charge of Keith Huckfield. Both have been present and in charge of the usual videos three years ago now. At the bottom of our post, we share with you all some of the videos of the lasts editions.

    In our last edition, they got more than a hundred performers with their respective guests. It was such a highly demanded event, for that reason, before the next edition in June 2020, they designed this new festival for a selected group of students, in order to fit the most advanced ones who will be seating at exams this Autumn edition.

    They already did a sneak peek of some performances for advanced students this 26th October 2019. Our founder and Director of WKMT, Juan Rezzuto, delivered a beautiful and interesting piano masterclass in London, as well for the most advanced students. In this masterclass, the main point was the piano technique. As you might be aware, Juan Rezzuto inherited the famous Scaramuzza technique thanks to his Maestro Bruno Gelber. For that reason, he is committed to sharing with everyone this famous technique which so many great pianists gave.

    Well, following the above, you can now check all the details for this new edition. They will allow a percentage of non-members performers, so if you would like to take part in this, do not hesitate to contact them and book your place.



  • 13 Oct 2019

    Join the next Masterclass organized by WKMT London

    Join the next Masterclass organized by WKMT London.
    WKMT Piano Masterclass
    Pianist AID, we are glad to release the next official masterclass by WKMT. This October 26th, we all have a pedagogical date in London.
    We have co-organised with the famous piano studio in London this new masterclass format in which we will gather a few students as active performers and also students and parents to attend as listeners of the class. In a masterclass, you don’t necessarily need to be performing and receiving advice, but you can attend and listen to other’s advice. Basically, the tutor, in this case, Maestro Juan Rezzuto will take some students on stage, make them perform and will give general advice in terms of the technique and passages of certain typical pieces needed for either ABRSM and Trinity.
    That way, everyone will get professional advice and tips, which could be understood and used for all our students. This is an idea of Juan Rezzuto after attending several masterclasses in Argentina when he was a child with Maestros such as Bruno Gelber. This is a very common and valuable format in many countries and cultures, and we are happy to bring it to London thanks to him and to WKMT.
    The results and impression got afterward are quite helpful for any student, as you learn new things thanks to the reason why is a different context. You learn avice and tips through another performance, so you are able to see as a third person the idea, the execution, and the results. And in the case you are in the other place, as the performer, you will be able to execute the actions through the advice given and experience it on your own.
    For these reasons, we truly recommend you to attend this masterclass on the 26th of October in the afternoon.
    The venue: St Cuthbert’s Church, Earls Court, SW5 9EB London, UK.
    For more details, click on the link aforementioned. And in case you would like to book your place, contact them directly on 02071014479 or email [email protected]