• Juan Rezzuto playing Haydn

    Juan Rezzuto playing Haydn.
    Juan Rezzuto playing Haydn.
    We announce the next concert, the March edition of WKMT Classical concerts. This time is performed/conducted by Juan Rezzuto. Our founder and Director is in charge of this new edition with a beautiful concert of Haydn N4 in G and […]

  • What piano gesture means

    what piano gesture means.
    What piano gesture means.
    Learn the musical gesture with wkmt.
    Here we bring a new article talking about something you all might already know: Musical Gesture. Mark Dowling, a senior piano teacher London at WKMT studio, wrote this great article to talk about the gesture and unify it to the piano performing.

    What do we mean […]

  • Electric Piano For Practice?

    Electric Piano For Practice?
    Electric Piano For Practice?

    WKMT has released a very nice brief on how practising on a digital piano can end being a very positive experience. We strongly recommend its reading.

    A lot can be said about the matter of playing and practicing regularly on an electric piano. Is it bad? is it even prejudicial to […]

  • Piano tuition Kilburn with WKMT

    Piano tuition kilburn with the famous piano studio.
    Start your piano tuition Kilburn with the best ones.

    Piano lessons Kilburn by WKMT

    Pianist AID helps and promotes musicians in London. In this case, we would like to bring some helpful info about piano lessons London. We received such a considerable amount of requests asking for piano lessons in Kilburn, as it seems, […]

  • A new piano concert by WKMT

    A new piano concert by WKMT.
    A new piano concert by WKMT.
    Katarina makevic performing for wkmt.

    We are glad to release the new date of WKMT next classical concert. This coming 24th February at 7 pm, save the date!

    Usual venue, the stunning St. Cuthbert’s church, will be a witness of such a joyful Saturday evening with a lovely […]

  • Piano Masterclasses at WKMT

    Piano Masterclasses at WKMT.
    Piano Masterclasses at WKMT.
    A new piano masterclass organised for the young students at wkmt.
    After the success of our last Children Masterclass 1.11.2017, Cristina Guerra and the team decided to make a series of Masterclasses as a way to challenge our children piano students. It is also a great opportunity for our young […]

  • Why practising piano

    why practising piano.
    Why practising piano.
    Understand how important practising piano on your own is.

    Christian Dawson wrote an article for WKMT Blog talking about the importance of the piano practice and why we should practise on our own. He also gives some great tips on how to practise effectively, because as we already said and advised in […]

  • London comprehensive piano teaching approach

    London comprehensive piano teaching approach
    London comprehensive piano teaching approach

    Teaching someone to play the piano involves teaching that person to endure hours and hours of practising. This can’t be achieved by just stimulating them with simple piano lessons. No one will practise two or three hours a day just to be ready to come to a […]

  • Piano performance preparation

    piano performance preparation.
    Piano performance preparation.
    Physical and psychological tips on how to be prepared for a piano performance.

    Learn with Pianist AID and WKMT some tips on how to prepare a piano performance. Not only the piece but also ourselves physically and psychologically speaking. Because the perfection is only reached by the perfect compound.

    We share the last […]

  • PianistAid – A tip on compound themes

    PianistAid – A tip on compound themes
    PianistAid – A tip on compound themes

    Summary / Guide Ch. 5 William Caplin, “Musical Forms” 

    Understanding music morphology can help dramatically our score memorization process. Unfortunately, music forms can prove to be unpredictable or at least very difficult to label.

    William Caplin might be the world’s most renowned music analyst. In […]